Temperature Sensor Fridge Installation Kit

R276.00 incl. VAT

Installation kits for our sensors are tailored to suit specific usage requirements, with two main types of kits available: the Fridge Installation Kit and the Cold Storage Installation Kit.

Each kit contains its own set of items for easy installation and mounting of the sensor and its accessories. However, both kits have a distinctive feature that sets them apart, which is the glycol thermal buffer. This buffer is designed to minimize false alarms and ensure more accurate measurements of product temperatures instead of ambient temperatures. When installing our sensors in refrigerators, freezers, and similar environments, we highly recommend utilizing the glycol thermal buffer for optimal performance.

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The installation kit contains the following items:

Fridge Installation Kit

  • x1 Glycol Thermal Buffer
  • x1 Gland
  • x1 Cable Clips
  • x2 Double Sided Tape

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